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24111 Groesbeck Hwy.
(Located at 9 1/2 mile)
Warren, MI 48089

(586) 265-5270

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Transmission Repair Warren, MI



Auto Repair Warren, MI

Transmission | Warren | MI | Michigan

Transmission Repair | Warren | MI | Michigan


We are a family owned full service transmission and auto repair shop in Warren, MI. For over 50 years, Multistate Transmissions has been known as "The Professionals" when it comes to transmission repair and drive train components. Transmissions are the most complicated system in your car and our technicians have the experience, knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair this system.

With quality auto repair services and preventive maintenance from Multistate Transmissions you can feel confident that your vehicle is prepared to take you wherever you need to go. Our Certified Technicians go from start to finish to repair your car, truck, suv, or va
n no matter what the problem including brakes, oil change, tune up, transmission, electrical, diagnostics, and more.

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Transmission Repair Reviews | Warren MI

I am grateful they were able to fix the problem I was having, and save me from needing to buy a new car. These guys are great!

MicheleE26 10/16/2012

This is the place we took the truck to when the allison transmission in it started giving us problems. It shifts firm again and has zero issues. Steep hills are no problem, just like when new.

Rauler66 09/07/2012

I can not say a single bad thing about the service I received from JB DLCO. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Since I had to spend the money to get my transmission fixed, I am glad it went to a good establishment.

JillEL 07/17/2012

The work they did to my car was perfect! I appreciate them taking the time to detail the repairs and explain them a little for me. Thanks again!

RoseMuehlhause 06/29/2012

I was really happy with the great work and attentive service. I had a good understanding of the repairs before I left. They did a great job on the car and its better than new.

Mirielle247 06/18/2012

This place was where I went to get my car taken car of when I knew the transmission was going. They did a great job installing the new one and I am very pleased.

CraigFiller 05/14/2012

The work you did on our vans transmission was really something I have to thank you for. It has payed for itself ten times over with all the work we have had since august. Your work is appreciated.

BobLissman 03/08/2012

I wish more Warren business people ran their business with the integrity that you do. Just wanted to express my appreciation for taking a look at my pickup and for taking it J.B. Dlco & Multistate Transmissions.

Norms39 01/18/2012

My suburban pulls the hills much easier now. Even with the trailer on it pulls better now than it has in a few years.

Fred2134 12/07/2011

Just wanted to tell you again,"Thanks". You guys made having car trouble"not so bad". It's running great!

Kellyl707 11/28/2011

Finally! A very special "Thank you" for all your help on my car. I had the Ford Taurus with the broken detent rod the State Highway Patrol assisted in getting to your place. You were gracious , honest and fair. I again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

KayS759 11/20/2011

Thanks very much for your good service and cooperation. I will definitely keep you in mind and recommend your company to my friends. Please also tell the gentleman at the convenience store that recommended you "thank you" for me. You made this repair painless.

Jerry553 11/14/2011

It's good to know there a few people like yourself, who still have a good business run by good people who care about their fellow man.God bless you and your business. I will tell others of the good treatment that you and your employees gave me.

Billsj 11/02/2011

I would like to nominate Jeffrey Prior, owner of J.B. Dlco Transmission & Multistate for the Warren Rotary Four Way Test Award.

Duane56 10/17/2011


Thanks again for getting our van back to us in such a hurry. And thanks for your continuing honest business with us. We will recommend you guys to everyone.

Andwil17 09/22/2011

I was referred to this company buy another great company. I knew it would be a good place to go because of that reference. Now I send people to them and recommend them myself very highly. I would be happy to take my car back there!

Tamarratoday 09/08/2011

Auto Repair Warren MI
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